Oil Drain System

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My spouse is going to school for engineering, so I got to help his group with their final presentation for one of his classes. I'm just excited to have something done to show that isn't under an NDA fo' evah.

Modeled in 3ds max
Rendered with Mental Ray in Maya (Taking a V-ray class next term!!!)

Soup of the Day: Bob's Meal

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Plate of food for the short film we are working on at school. Textured version to come.

30 Days 30 Models #1

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I'll make nicer renders come submission time!

Rendering in 3Ds Max

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I checked out this tutorial and got some great results!


Sometimes the tutorial was a little backwards but a bit of tinkering and I got it.

Making Multiple UV Channels in 3ds Max 2010!!

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I have been working as a modeler for a while now. having a lot of fun. We use 3ds max, and one thing I had to learn was how to make multiple UV channels. So that you could have different layouts for your UVs getting rird of that pesky issue where Occlusion makes it impossible to have overlapped UVs. just have your Occlusion UVs (not overlapped) on one channel. Diffuse on another channel (overlapped if you want). BUT to learn this I had to scrape the bottom of the bucket on google searches before finding how to do it. So here it is again for those that need to know. This works for 3ds Max 2010

Step One If you unwrapped in Max:

After unwrapping your object, collapse it back into a poly (or mesh). Doing this locks in your first channel. Add another Unwrap UVW modifier.

Step One If you unwrapped in another program:

Import your object then apply a unwrap UVW. Your channel 1 UVs should already be locked in.

Open up the edit box. In the Edit UVW screen go to File>Save Uvs and save out your UVs.

In the command panel change the channel to 2 (or whatever you want) then hit reset UVWs. Oh no! its a mess! No prob load those UVs you just saved, and you have something to work with.

Once you have these how you want. Collapse the stack and this will lock in your second channel UVs.

Last step! Double Check! apply another Unwrap UVW modifier, and go to edit. the UVs should look right for the channel you have selected. change it to the other channel you modified, and hit reset UVW. The UVs should be correct for that channel (not a mess). If all is good then delete or collapse the modifier and you're good to go.

Good Luck! If that makes no sense, email me with questions.

Speed Models

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Each model was concepted, modeled and unwrapped in under 2hrs
I call them Chuckle Frog and Shermy

Woman (WIP)

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Female form with polyflow inspired by primitiveX. Not all quads but smoothes and deforms well! Once I finish the form I'll take it into Zbrush and get some finer details.


Cave Girl (WIP)

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I decided to go game model for my cave girl, so now I just need to remodel the skirt so that it's not wasting info. And change and add a few more accessories. Then Zbrush then Marmoset, woo!

Demo Reel 2010

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My most recent Demo Reel!

Adidas Shoe, SL72

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I thought I'd try a quick shoe model. I chose a SL72, because I used to have this shoe (different colors) and I wore that thing to death, so now it shall live on forever.

Gold Rush Video Game Textures

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I was lucky to be able to texture the final bad-guy in the unreal based game, Gold Rush.

This is the Banker, as well as a chair I textured. I textured a bunch of props but I freakin' love that chair.


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Modeled in Maya in about 4hrs.

Avocados (WIP)

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base mesh modeled in Maya, Sculpted in Zbrush for a displacement map.

Now I'm either going to take it back into Zbrush and add a little more texture to the top, or start painting in Photoshop.

Water Buffalo

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Modeled in Maya, Sculpted in ZBrush for normal map.

Organic Model: Human Head

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Modeled and textured a fellow classmate for an Advanced modeling class.The wireframe is of the smoothed version.

Maya 2009

Candle Light

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My version of the CGTalk lighting and texturing challenge.

Model:Jeremy Birn, edited by Gina Burgess
Everything else by Gina Burgess

Maya 2009/2010
Mental Ray